Laguna Faith: how we came to be…

Laguna Faith began as a home group that met weekly for bible study and fellowship, composed of diverse men and women from 15 nations and different churches. We are all colors of the rainbow!

During the troublesome seasons of COVID-19 pandemic, a quarantine that closed down offices and churches, black killings, riots, and economic crashes, Laguna Faith strengthened.

When the government banned churches over 100 members from gathering, we knew it was the right time to bring our home group to a public space so that anyone who desires to go to worship and fellowship with other believers can do so. Then, after lifting the ban of closures for a few weeks, the government reissued more stringent guidelines. As of yesterday, the Governor announced that all worship centers that met indoors must close. Again, G-d has graced us and we are allowed to remain open. We have outdoor worship areas where we already were broadcasting services and enjoying live worship music.

Join us as we worship God the Father, Jesus Christ our Lord, and the Holy Spirit!

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